Royal Falcon Foundation 2024 Programs

Royal Falcon Foundation is supporting the following Experiential Leadership Camps in 2024

Royal Falcon Foundation programs are open to individual 11-15 year-olds and entire families. 11-15-year-olds are the centerpiece of the retreat and the core Hillcrest Orchard program. But with activities for younger children, training for teens and young people from 16-22, as well as Parent participation and discussion, a discounted family rate is available to encourage the entire family to participate in an integrated, immersive experience.

This program is so much more than a fun, family vacation. Expect your relationships to be transformed and the bonds of family unity to be strengthened.

Hillcrest Orchard Camp Dates
Brooklyn, WI

(other locations are currently TBD – check back soon)

Spring Day Camp

May 4th – 5th

Summer Overnight Camp

July 18th – 23rd

Fall Day Camp

September 21st – 22nd

Sample Schedule

Each day will be filled with activities designed to empower young minds and develop their leadership potential while engaging parents to assist with this transformation. This overnight camp offers dynamic and immersive experiences that foster personal growth, teamwork, and self-discovery. Below is the preliminary schedule. (These programs are also available with full family participation)

Wednesday – Evening Arrival for Staff and Volunteers:

  • Dinner will be served, followed by introductions, program overview, and icebreaker activities

Thursday – Setup and training, Participant Arrival

  • After breakfast we’ll be busy setting up the program for the various activities, localizing the core elements to the Arizona facility. 
  • Program will be greeted with warmth and enthusiasm in the late afternoon, and will get settled in before dinner. After dinner everyone will get to know their fellow participants and camp guides by engaging in icebreaker activities.
  • Setting Personal Goals: We encourage each participant to reflect on their aspirations and set personal goals for the program, in line with the overall purpose and mission, promoting a sense of purpose and direction.

Friday to Sunday – Core Activities

  • Working in groups and teams, participants will alternate between the Core Activities of the Transformative Leadership program.  All of these are immersive, hands-on, and experiential while integrating the 11 Leadership Capabilities 
  • Core Curriculum and Consultation: Our experienced team will facilitate workshops on leadership principles, guiding participants in understanding the core qualities of effective leaders.
  • Exploring Nature: Embrace the beauty of nature as participants embark on educational hikes, nature scavenger hunts, and eco-friendly learning activities.
  • Creative Expression: We value the importance of self-expression and creativity. Campers will engage in arts and crafts, music, or storytelling sessions, exploring their imaginative side.
  • Leadership Challenge Our integrated Individual and Team-Building obstacle course has been developed over 30 years of camps that span the globe: Participants will work together across this multi-station course through challenges that promote cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills. Each participant has the opportunity to step und and show leadership, individually, as they also learn to allow others the opportunity to lead, instilling a sense of pride and accomplishment, along with cooperation and collaboration
  • Companion Gardening: Connect with the earth that supports us all, and understand the diverse ways in which it supports all life. To care for nature we must come to appreciate it. Participants will engage with this program directly.
  • Service: Another way of describing Transformative Leadership is Servant Leadership. Participants will engage throughout in serving and being served, learning how to not only participate in the program but enrich the experience for everyone else around them. Our integrated service activities foster empathy and social responsibility.
  • Leadership in Action: 

Monday – Reflection and departure

  • On the prior evening and the morning of departure, we’ll have ample opportunity to share and reflect on what we’ve learned, and accomplished, together. We’ll also complete surveys and share contact information so that participants can stay connected and have the opportunity to join in continuing education opportunities throughout the year.